26 February 2009

I Will Succeed!

Esta verano he decidido que voy a aprender español. Ha sido siempre algo que tengo quise hacer. He esperado bastante tiempo... Por el año 2010 seré bilingüe.

19 February 2009

I Speak Numbers

Today as I was reading through the ams.org website (American Mathematical Society)... You know just keeping up to date with the Math world :) ... I came across an article that said "Top Job in America: Mathematician" with a link to an article done by the Wall Street Journal. I followed the link and found this chart...

The Best and Worst Jobs

Of 200 Jobs studied, these came out on top -- and at the bottom:

The BestThe Worst
1. Mathematician200. Lumberjack
2. Actuary199. Dairy Farmer
3. Statistician198. Taxi Driver
4. Biologist197. Seaman
5. Software Engineer196. EMT
6. Computer Systems Analyst195. Roofer
7. Historian194. Garbage Collector
8. Sociologist193. Welder
9. Industrial Designer192. Roustabout
10. Accountant191. Ironworker
11. Economist190. Construction Worker
12. Philosopher189. Mail Carrier
13. Physicist188. Sheet Metal Worker
14. Parole Officer187. Auto Mechanic
15. Meteorologist186. Butcher
16. Medical Laboratory Technician185. Nuclear Decontamination Tech
17. Paralegal Assistant184. Nurse (LN)
18. Computer Programmer183. Painter
19. Motion Picture Editor182. Child Care Worker
20. Astronomer181. Firefighter

Naturally, I was quite pleased when I saw it because, Mathematician was at the top!!! There was also an article that went with it. If you are interested in reading it click HERE for the link.
This may have made my day! ... I guess we will have to see if any thing can attempt to top this!

10 February 2009

Goodbye and Farewell

Today I was thinking how crazy this summer is going to be. There will be few to no boy's my age there because most all of them are serving MISSIONS! As amazing as this is, it is still going to be crazy! Especially not having my four of my very favorite guy friends there! Two of them have already left, (Steven J. and Cory) and the other two (Tanner and Steven H.) are going to be leaving in not too long! I'm so excited for all of them... but I'm afraid I'm going to have to find some new pass time this summer since I won't have my pranking partners and rock-band buddies around!!! Good luck to all four of you though! I know you will all be Outstanding Missionaries!