25 August 2009

My Homegirl, Melissa

I thought I would write my top 10 reasons why MELISSA is my homegirl, and mostly why I love that we are best friends.

1. There has NEVER been a time when we were together that we didn't Laugh.
2. we became friends through two of the greatest things there are sports and MUSIC.

3. There is never any pretending, I like her and she likes me, because we are whowe are.

4. She always helps me be a better person.

5. I never have to wonder if she will follow through, she always does.

6. All of our sayings and inside jokes are funnnny.

7. our 200 mile separation, didn't hurt our friendship.

8. She works hard to achieve her dreams.

9. We can do nothing, and still have a good time.
10. She treats me like we are best friends, always. 

24 August 2009

The Littles on a Golf Cart

The other day, I decided to take my best friends on a gold cart ride one night. Cooper, the little stud, so kindly shared his glow sticks with all of us since it was a night ride! We had quite the party on that ride! It was kind of our last thing (except for the frazil's we got today) till when I come back for Christmas break! What babes!

p.s. notice how Saylor and I are twins, not planned. That is just what happens when you are b.f. status.

20 August 2009


Two big events that happened to me this week.
1. I got my MOTORCYCLE license. Finally.
2. I cut my hair. Short. (ish)

18 August 2009


Which one to get? I am debating between these two iPod's. I think there are about equal Pro's and Con's to each.. SO I DON'T KNOW WHICH ONE TO GET!!!! ... Let me know what you think, because I want to order one, SOON!

12 August 2009

Shooting Starsting

Tonight was seriously so fun. After a long day of working I went to dinner with Aloo and Melissa, which is tradition to do before going off to school. We definitely had a good laugh or two, and took some not so cute pictures, here is one of the lovers...

Later, after the Chukars game of course, Shelby, Seth and I went star gazing to watch the meteor shower. I loved that! We saw quite a few shooting stars and had some good laughs and conversing. It was a tiny bit creepy, with the wind blowing and when other random cars would show up and leave, but all in all a good time. The best part was that our heads were sticking out of the back under the back door thing, we had about a foot of space to pop through, because there was a small piece laying down. Hard to explain really, priceless to see. It was a perfect view though, even though we re-situated the car like five times to find it, it turned out being so much fun!

We attempted to take a couple of pictures, as you can see, it was unsuccessful. Yet so funny at the same time!

10 August 2009


Today I was making lists. The tops really... 

Top 5 best movies of the summer. (In no particular order)
1. Seventeen Again.
2. The Proposal. 
3. My Sister's Keeper.
4. Harry Potter.
5. Julie and Julia.

Top 5 best actresses.
1. Jennifer Anniston
2. Cameron Diaz
3. Julia Roberts
4. Rachel Mcadams
5. Reese Witherspoon

I dare you to deny any of that. Just try.

09 August 2009

Monkey Island

Remember This??!

07 August 2009

Balls, Dogs, Lakes, High Heels, and Swim Suits.

So in the past week or so, I have done some dang fun things!

I went to a Chukars game, which I do all the time, - but this one was extra fun because Heath and his family were there, and Aunt Jan and Uncle Brad and Annie came! AND Grandmpa Dot came with us and it was so much fun, and I think this picture of most of the group is quite cute!

Here is a pic with Grandma and Aunt Jan (They look and act so much a like its crazy!)

On Sunday, Hil and Jord were here and after dinner we played out side with the puppies. I gave up earlier than everyone else and then dad came in about a half hour later, carrying Mimi in his apron. It was SO cute! She is like a little stuffed animal, and then they both took a nap. While Mimi stayed in her carrying case.

Yesterday the Tingey's took me boating with them, SO FUN! I love being on the lake. (Thank you again, by the way!)... As this picture shows, I actually got up and stayed up wakeboarding, the picture doesn't show for how long though, that really is just unneeded information :)

This is a real nice pic of Meg and I looking right, after we both had been in the lake. Mmmm.

This is my Billabong shorts advertisement with Drew as a model.

And this is Drew being a Model while Wake boarding! 

These are two more studly crew members...

AND.. Here is Drew, being an acrobat!

Megan and Me on the way home - a little worn out!

Right as we were leaving, a sweet storm started! This is a pic I got of some Lightning, clearly my camera is not cut out for fast photography!

Tonight, I went to the Miss Idaho Pageant. I sat next to Whitney, so naturally.. we took a picture! Ali Christensen won in the end. Well deserved, she did fabulous!

Lastly, after the pageant, I came home and went Hot Tubbing with Lauren, Shelby and Megan. Meg was being ridiculous, and hiding in the pics, but she is there I guess! Nothing like a good hot tub session to end the night. Oh and shortly after this was taken, the clock struck Midnight and it was/(is now) Remi and Lauren's 12th and 19th Birthdays! Yay, Happy Birthday :)