26 September 2009


The reasons my posts have been BORING lately.

(and i left my camera chord and charger in Idaho...)

someday I will get back into the groove, just as soon as I get into the school groove

20 September 2009

Good Day

So, I decided that things happen for A BIG REASON. Last year at the end of the year, things went down. I didn't appreciate them. Now I see the big scheme of things. I've decided officially, that when I don't like something, it's ok. THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON. (P.S. I love you) (P.P.S. - Yes Remi, that is to you, even though Ollie is dead :( ) haha.

12 September 2009

5 Things...

Top 5 Things That I Dislike Most
1. Being Homesick
2. Not Understanding
3. Not Being Able To Express How I Feel
4. Being Let Down
5. Being Alone

01 September 2009

Funny Joke

ME AT COLLEGE! Seriously - WHAT AM I DOING HERE!? Round 2 - not happening. I wish that someone would just invent a way for me to be smart in like less than a minute, that way I wouldn't STRUGGLE at the EASIEST THINGS! I am being the biggest baby right now, and I don't even care! I have three options 1. I tough it out 2. I get married, soon. 3. I drop out, and find a job that I really don't want to be doing more than college. Option 1 and 2 are sounding the best, Anyone know of a boy that needs a wife?? :) ... but seriously.