25 November 2010


So, this Thanksgiving we decided to start a new little tradition competition. 
What is it you ask? Oh… just a flexibility competition. 
Was it a tiny bit unfair since we have a ballerina, a dance depot team member and two former cheerleader/drill teamers? 
Well, you can judge that for yourself
Let's just say we were pleasantly surprised by how flexible some of the adults are! 
Here are the pictures from the event.

from youngest to oldest…

BELLA! (aka Bella Button)

Saylor! (a competitor)

Savannah! (the team dancer)

Remi! (the ballerina)

Ali (I was trying to make my arm and my leg bend equally, mission accomplished :) )

Uncle Cory! (the sleeper)

Aunt Stefani! (former drill teamer)

Dad! (never seizes to impress… or make us laugh)

Jordan! (his legs might be the longest… ha)

Hilary! (more laughing than lifting)

Mom! (former cheerleader)

Grandma!!! (she wanted to compete too!)

Overall, I think the tradition is a keeper!

23 November 2010

Happy Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to HILARY! 
My most favorite older sister I've ever had! 
Hope your day is perfect, you deserve it! 

22 November 2010


This past week or so I've been staying up a little past my bed time to read a book. This seems mostly nerdy, but it is a big deal. I always get up before 6 a.m. so staying up any later than I have to, mostly not worth it. For this however, totally worth it!

I finally finished the 3rd Fablehaven book! I am in love with these books. They are very quick, entertaining reads that are just pure fun. If you don't believe me… try it yourself!

08 November 2010

T. Swift

Am I obsessed with this CD?

Maybe a little. 

Best music I've heard in a while. LOVE all the songs. Especially number 3. 


you won't regret it