28 September 2010

A. Ali

Can you even handle how precious and tiny these two are!?

10 September 2010

Two Weeks...

Two weeks of school are now over, and what do I have to show for it?

A whole BUNCH of math problems. … bleh.

I needed to blog because boy did I need a break from studying.

Right now I am enjoying a Pumpkin Jamba… so, so good. 

Also, I'm thinking about the TWINS that are coming any day!!!! Couldn't be more excited!

the proud 'soon to be' parents!

Now back to math for about 4 hours until I go take a timed 2 hour test… then a real break!!!


05 September 2010

Dad's First Time Baking!

Dad decided today that he wanted to have a reputation as being an outstanding baker. To accomplishing this feat he thought he should start by baking something. Good idea, right? Well one would think you would start out with box brownies, or chocolate chip cookies. Not dad, he chose to make homemade raisin filed cookies for his first try. 

No surprise - they turned out amazing! They took forever though, but job well done dad! Probably the best raisin filled cookies we've ever eaten! (You were also very entertaining to watch while baking for the first time!) 

Needless to say, my father is AMAZING!

pictures to prove it…

03 September 2010

Week 1

First week of school. Hardest week of my life for multiple reasons. Played some serious ball to relieve stress. (or just for fun)
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