29 January 2009

Clogging, Toothbrushes, and Life

Just last week a tragic even occured. 
Alright thats a lie. It was really just embarrasing and painful. While I was practicing my clogging in the basement of good old Fugal Hall, I slipped, fell, and pulled the tendons in my wrist. What a joke right? Classic. But I guess there isn't much you can do about that.

Next I needed to quickly comment on something I found So exciting. As of my last trip to the dentist, and courtesy of my worthless esophagus I have to now use a second toothpaste. Which is annoying. The good news though, is that when I went back to Provo, I put my new toothpaste in the medicine counter and realized that my spare toothbrush matched the new bottle of toothpaste, and my regular toothbrush already matched my current toothpaste! How awesome! My conclusion? ....there is a little bit of good in EVERYTHING.

Lastly, I have decided to make a change in my thinking lately, and boy has it worked. I decided to stop being so homesick, and only focusing on the places I'd rather be than school, to just love the chance to be here. AND the chance to learn. And boy has it worked, I'm so much more content than I have been in quite sometime. Who knew? There really is power in positive thinking!

15 January 2009


Kristen - Ali - Marissa - Shelby
Between the Days of July 24th 1989 and February 4th 1991 four little baby Walker girls were born to the wives of the four Walker brothers. These four girls would grow up to have some excellent adventures together and create even better memories. One which will always be remembered is the creation of S.M.A.K. ... A club which you could only be in if you were... well one of us four! This is a priceless picture and I love it... So I had to post it :)  

13 January 2009

Snow Mobiles, Sleds, Hot Tub's, and Jack in the Box

So, over Christmas break a few of my friends and I (Shelby, Lauren, Caiti, Tanner, and Steven) thought it important to make some of the nights of the break extra good ones with two of the best things to do on a cold winter night in good old Idaho Falls, Idaho. Eat and Hot Tub. I am posting first on behalf of Caitlin McQuain. In the afternoon, we both thought it would be a great idea to challenge each other to the 'footlong' challenge (one we made up our selves)
 to see if we could really eat a whole five dollar foot long from subway. To my own dismay, we both succeeded, and I can safely say I do not plan on doing that again, well ever. A foot long of tuna on white is really just too much. I am quite impressed with Caiti though, she readily took the challenge and finished without complaints.

... and as annoying as it may seem, you would never know that she could handle it looking at this model picture of her. 

Continuing on with the night, Shelby, Lauren, Steven, Tanner and I decided to go hot tubing, it was absolutely freezing outside, but still we had a good time. Afterword, I thought it would be necessary to take some post-hot-tub-pictures. The boys (and maybe even Shelby and Lauren) didn't agree... but I prevailed. Here are the best two...

Ok, so none of them were very cute, at all, but it was still funny!
Then we went to Jack in the box. Sick.

The next day Shelby, Lauren, and I went sledding behind the Snow Mobile. So fun, until the jump, and the inter-tube deflated.

Then we decided to take over Community Park Hill. We did pretty good on that too, until we ran into the fence. That was the end of that adventure.

That night, Lauren, Caiti, and I thought we should have a sleep over. 

Of course, at two in the morning we thought it would be necessary to go hot tubbing. Well, again, it was freezing. Yet, it was still quite fun. Except for the part where our hair practically froze. And the part where Lauren and I got a cold for the next week. Then once again, we went to Jack in the Box. Sick. (Except at three in the morning, it really is kind of good :) ).