31 July 2009

So Funny

Seriously, this is one of the best stories I have heard in a long time. Tonight at the baseball game, my cousin told us this. The other day the kids were out somewhere (I feel like she said swimming?) anyway, the mom asked the little boy (6) to take the little girl (4) to the bathroom. He agreed. When the got back the mom said, which did you take her to, boys or girls? He naturally responded BOYS! Then he proceeded to say, but the only toilets they had were to ones on the wall. The mom asked what he did. He replied ... I just lifted her up and let her go in one of those ... . HAHAHA seriously. Priceless. I would have died and then had to steralize my little girls bum after I had awaken. KIDS!

28 July 2009

Here They Are...

As promised ... Here are our lovely pictures from our photo-shoot. HA ... It was fun, that's all that matters... right?


Do you want to know what's crazy? THIS (picture below) is how I feel after I play tetris! Tired eyes, sweating because of all my hard work... Yet loving it SO much at the same time.

Lately I've been addicted to this little game. I am love love loving it. AND it's kind of a waste of time. Even though I realize that... I don't want to kick the addiction. I've been playing it a ton lately with my best friends.... MOM! So much fun, especially since I absolutely adore her. Still though, I'm hopeless. To make things worse, the other day.. I found out that we own a copy of the game for xBox. I haven't played regualre xBox in a long time. Normally Chase and I rock the 360, however the regular is bomdiggity, when it is hosting a game of tetris.

Oh, and a SMALL side note - other wise I'd end up with a three page vent - ARE YOU KIDDING ME JILL!!! If you haven't seen it - watch the Bachelorette Finale, and die.

25 July 2009


...There will be more to come, but for now - one of the best ones...

20 July 2009

Pazookies and Goodbyes

It has been tradition this summer for us (us being our group of friends) to do Pazookies before someone leaves on their mission. We started with Clark, then we had one for Brian and two nights ago was Spencer's. Spencer's was getting real small, since everyone is gone! Even though it was small, we still had a good time. It is going to be crazy now, because as of tomorrow, we are down to one. Goodbye and Good luck SPENCER!

16 July 2009


When I was in High School, my mom rarely let me out of the house if I didn't have lips on. Which really means, I wasn't wearing either lip gloss or lip stick. This drove me nuts. Sometimes I could come up stairs, having my makeup fully done, and my mom would ask why I wasn't wearing any makeup, instead of getting angry (over time) I learned, hello Ali, just go put on some lipstick! I think it is safe to say at that time, nothing could have made me more crazy. Now I'm proud (or not so proud) to say, I've become addicted!!! My mom has officially rubbed off on me, and now I won't leave if I haven't put on my lips! Kind of ridiculous, but I'm practically obsessed with lipstick.We went to Utah on Tuesday, and my makeup purchases consisted of only ONE eyeshadow, and the rest was lipstick, lipliner, or lipgloss. That is just silly. I do need to note my lipgloss of choice as for right now. The Tingey's introduced me to it on the trip. It is called Buxom lipgloss, by Bare Escentuals. Loving it. Go ahead and buy some if you have the chance. You'll fall in love.

Here is one picture from the trip (We went to the American Idol Concert.. I know right!!) I wish I had more, but my camera BROKE!! I'm hoping to extract some of the pictures. If I can do that, there will be a great American Idol post to come, because the concert was Uh-Mazing!!!!
This is entitled, bored on the car ride home.

12 July 2009

Bike Rides and Thunder Storms

Lauren got back yesterday. I got to see her today, and I loved it. Without a shout of a doubt, I can say that Lauren is one of my very very very favorite people. If you are looking for an example of a great friend - consider checking her out. We decided to go on a bike ride. That was dang fun, I haven't been on a good bike ride in a while. On our way back to her house though, we rode extra fast because a storm was a bruin'! It was a tiny bit scary, but way cool. When we got back we hopped in my car and drove to an open area where we could watch it to its full potential. There was constant thunder and lighting and the sky was lit up. It was extra neat when it was behind the storm clouds, because the sky just lit up when the clouds dissipated the light. I loved it. We had a good chat to. Good to catch up. It made for a great end to a great Sunday. And the storm - just one more reason to love Idaho.

08 July 2009

Eems and Biance's

So, I went to BYUi tonight. SO MUCH FUN! Probably the most fun I've had in a couple weeks. I went to hang out with Cousin MARISSA! Yay. Not only was her apartment slammin' but the people in it were even better. Her roommates were so nice and cute and fun. She lucked out for sure :) So we took a tour of campus, went and got dinner, played with her little turtle, met cute boys, got REEDS DAIRY ice cream, and watched funny videos. It was a real good time, and I loved going. Rexburg is not as bad as I make it seem in my head, in fact, it was awesome! Just a regular old college town. Thanks Marissa for letting me come play! 

Here are a couple of her roomies, the one in the middle, Heidi, was my 25 follower!! Woohoo!

05 July 2009

We Like to Party...

...and we like to do it for two days straight! On the 3rd of July I got to go boating with the Tingey family! It was my first time boating since last summer and I loved it! I tried wakeboarding, and actually stood up - for a second, then I got scared and let go. I am still couting it though!  That was a lot of fun, all except for the part where I got completely sunburned, I will now never go out on a lake with anything less than 80 proof sunblock on. 

This is a picture of Dustin and Megan wakesurfing together!

Later that night we had a family BBQ which included, Ultimate Frisbee, lots of good food, and then mom stole the show with her baton skills...

She was seriously amazing at it!!!

Later that evening, we went to the annual neighborhood firework show. There was quite a turnout and quite a display of fireworks! I was impressed, and it was a lot of fun.

Remi and Savannah on their own little blanket.

The little ones in the back of the side-by-side waiting for the fireworks to start...

Saylor was loving them!

The next day (the 4th...) was just as fun! Remi, Hilary, Dad, and I sang at the Groberg's flag raising, then we hit up the parade, had a family BBQ, a big one. We then went home and crashed for a couple of hours before we hit up the Chukars game! Some of the family went to the fireworks after, but I just came home and slept - courtesy of my oh-so-sunburned back.

We were pretty happy ... and we were displaying our matching necklaces... before the parade
About half way through though, we had had enough!

Nothing beats a Chukars game with the fam!
Except Maybe dad posing for a picture with Charlie!

It was a fabulous double day affair!