08 July 2009

Eems and Biance's

So, I went to BYUi tonight. SO MUCH FUN! Probably the most fun I've had in a couple weeks. I went to hang out with Cousin MARISSA! Yay. Not only was her apartment slammin' but the people in it were even better. Her roommates were so nice and cute and fun. She lucked out for sure :) So we took a tour of campus, went and got dinner, played with her little turtle, met cute boys, got REEDS DAIRY ice cream, and watched funny videos. It was a real good time, and I loved going. Rexburg is not as bad as I make it seem in my head, in fact, it was awesome! Just a regular old college town. Thanks Marissa for letting me come play! 

Here are a couple of her roomies, the one in the middle, Heidi, was my 25 follower!! Woohoo!


Heidi said...

Wahoo! I'm honored to be mentioned in your blog, and, even more importantly, the 25th follower! Come back and play anytime! :)

marissa89 said...

I think we should make this a regular event! I had so much fun....and Chris will be here all summer :) tee hee!

Amber said...

i saw the chaco feet and i recognized marissa just from her feet...wow i've known her too long haha. i love her roommates too!