28 July 2009


Do you want to know what's crazy? THIS (picture below) is how I feel after I play tetris! Tired eyes, sweating because of all my hard work... Yet loving it SO much at the same time.

Lately I've been addicted to this little game. I am love love loving it. AND it's kind of a waste of time. Even though I realize that... I don't want to kick the addiction. I've been playing it a ton lately with my best friends.... MOM! So much fun, especially since I absolutely adore her. Still though, I'm hopeless. To make things worse, the other day.. I found out that we own a copy of the game for xBox. I haven't played regualre xBox in a long time. Normally Chase and I rock the 360, however the regular is bomdiggity, when it is hosting a game of tetris.

Oh, and a SMALL side note - other wise I'd end up with a three page vent - ARE YOU KIDDING ME JILL!!! If you haven't seen it - watch the Bachelorette Finale, and die.

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