05 July 2009

We Like to Party...

...and we like to do it for two days straight! On the 3rd of July I got to go boating with the Tingey family! It was my first time boating since last summer and I loved it! I tried wakeboarding, and actually stood up - for a second, then I got scared and let go. I am still couting it though!  That was a lot of fun, all except for the part where I got completely sunburned, I will now never go out on a lake with anything less than 80 proof sunblock on. 

This is a picture of Dustin and Megan wakesurfing together!

Later that night we had a family BBQ which included, Ultimate Frisbee, lots of good food, and then mom stole the show with her baton skills...

She was seriously amazing at it!!!

Later that evening, we went to the annual neighborhood firework show. There was quite a turnout and quite a display of fireworks! I was impressed, and it was a lot of fun.

Remi and Savannah on their own little blanket.

The little ones in the back of the side-by-side waiting for the fireworks to start...

Saylor was loving them!

The next day (the 4th...) was just as fun! Remi, Hilary, Dad, and I sang at the Groberg's flag raising, then we hit up the parade, had a family BBQ, a big one. We then went home and crashed for a couple of hours before we hit up the Chukars game! Some of the family went to the fireworks after, but I just came home and slept - courtesy of my oh-so-sunburned back.

We were pretty happy ... and we were displaying our matching necklaces... before the parade
About half way through though, we had had enough!

Nothing beats a Chukars game with the fam!
Except Maybe dad posing for a picture with Charlie!

It was a fabulous double day affair!


Katie said...

hahaha i know i always comment but seriously your blog is hilarious and my fav! I am dying to see your mom and her baton skills, your dad should BE charlie and i agree the parade was too long and too hot!

Ali Walker said...

Haha, Katie, I love when you comment on my blogs :)