29 June 2009


Well, it is Monday, so I need to vent a little bit about the Bachelorette! Yes, I am officially pathetically obsessed with the show. TOnight, blew my mind! I almost teared up after watching Jillian give up Michael and KEEP WES!!! What was she thinking! I loved Michael, if I could fly to New York tonight and find him, I would mary him. He was perfect! -- Enough Bachelorette venting.

(Photography by Megan)

Now, for my real thought for the evening. Tonight as Megan and I were waiting for her little brother to surrender the t.v. so we could watch Confessions of a Shopaholic, we decided to do an old time favorite activity, and jump on the tramp!!! As we were jumping the thought occurred, how in the world could any child grow up without the experience of a trampoline!!! For me, it wasn't until my dad finally caved with the safest he could go, underground with a net, but still, we had that trusty trampoline to play on!!! How could you go your whole life without having a water-balloon fight on a trampoline, jumping with the sprinkler underneath, or the summer classic, sleeping on the tramp! Really the thought is just Unbelievable. Thank goodness for that gymnastic apparatus consisting of a strong canvas sheet attached with springs to a metal frame (http://dictionary.die.net/trampoline) that has provided me with hours of enjoyment over these many years.


Julie said...

Okay wow! I cried tonight! I believe his words were "I LOVE HER" ahhh she is making a fool of herself because all of us can see what a idiot wes is! ugh!
And thanks for the deep thought about the tramp ... your crazy and you made my night! YOU and MEG need to come up and visit me before the summer semester is over at BYUI!


Anonymous said...

I grew up without a trampoline....you calling me deprived?? Because if so, I'd have to agree. Trampolines rock! And I too must add my frustration about how dumb Jillian is being about Wes--what a joke!

P.S. My word verification is "poequals".....po equals what??

Katie said...

Jill made the biggest mistake keeping wes, seriously how does she not see it???? Mike was so dang cute, i cried a little too! Tramps are the best, bought one for the girls last week and slept out on it last night!