21 June 2009


There is no greater man than this, in the world. I have never seen anyone who is more dedicated to what they believe, so hardworking, so incredibly funny, so selfless, or anywhere near as amazing as him. He always thinks of others first, and will endlessly work and create and do to make sure his kids have more than we deserve. He treats his family like royalty and is always looking for a way to give, and to help us achieve whatever it is we want to. The man can cook like its nobody's business and if you have ever had a meal of his, you know that he makes sure you eat (weather you want the extra            ---insert any food he cooks here--- or not, you get it!). He loves to serve and to teach. I'm just lucky that I get to call this man Dad. Brilliantly said in the words of one of the greatest songs out there...
 "Growing up I never doubted that you believed in me, never once do I remember you asking anything. Working day and night so I could go and find my dreams. If you ask, that's a true man to me."                                                             -(Shelby and Shalyse Walker) 

Happy Father's Day Daddy-O.

I love you!


Katherine Welch said...

Tell him FLDS says happy Father's Day too. :)

ShaLyse Walker said...

nice quote at the end! hahahahahahaha "Brilliantly said in on the of the greatest songs out there." hahahah love love love it. oh...and love uncie keithy. miss you baby girl! come hang out with me in slc!