17 October 2011


Please check out how awesome my fingernails look right now. Credit to my mother and sisters - they found these and I just put them on. You can get them too, at jamberrynails.com.

Basically, I'm obsessed.

p.s. Ignore how fat my pointer finger looks. It is obviously my ugliest finger.

03 October 2011

Uncle Blair

Yesterday at 6:15 p.m. our sweet Uncle Blair, my dad's older brother, left all of his pain and was reunited with his Father and his Eternal Father in Heaven. He had fought a long hard fight and was able to be victorious over his pain in the end. He is no longer suffering and I know he is watching over his family now. He was the happiest, nicest man to be around despite all of his trials. I have so many great memories of Uncle Blair. His wife Aunt Debbie and all of his kids and grandchild are in my thoughts and prayers. Love you guys. Love you Uncle Blair.