27 November 2009

Left Field

So, while I'm putting up priceless pictures, feast your eye's on these. Bethany and I uncovered these little gems the other day. It's from these pictures that Bethany and I came to a clear understanding of why the boys in High School said our small group of friends "came out of left field" ... you can compare and contrast among these pictures, and decide for yourself!

Ali, Bethany, Vanessa, Megan
Kim, Bethany, Ali, Megan, Vanessa, Ashley, McKinzie

Bethany, Kim, Vanessa, Megan, McKinzie, Ali, Ashley

Bethany, Kim, Vanessa, Megan, McKinzie, Ali, Ashley

(All of these taken I believe in the seventh grade...)

Ali, Megan and Bethany - Emotion Bowl 2007

Megan, Ali, Bethany, McKinzie, Ashley and Nikelle
(Graduation 2008)

25 November 2009


*Probably one of my most favorite pictures ever taken.

23 November 2009


I heard this joke today, (in my math class), and I though it was Hilarious.

Descarte walked into a bar and the bar-tender asked him, would you like a drink? He responded "I think not" and therefore ... he promptly disappeared.

21 November 2009


Seriously, who knew that one of THESE puppies could be so DANGEROUS!

This morning, I was innocently round brushing my hair - like I do, when I decided to put the blow dryer in between my legs while I repositioned the round brush in my hair. *Note - The reason I didn't put it on my counter is because I was using the outlet far away from the counter because the outlet next to our sink is WORTHLESS. Anyway, my knees started getting REALLY HOT. So naturally I release, and the blow dryer falls to the ground. THEN... I SMELL something so Disgusting. I look down and to my amazement, my BLOW DRYER BURNT a HOLE in my ROBE! .. True story. Now our vanity area smells like burnt robe. Sick.

18 November 2009


Soon enough I will post some great posts. I've been thinking them up - there is just NO TIME for blogging. Lame. 3 tests, 5 assignments and 1 paper is all I have left to do before Thanksgiving break (HA) ... and then the party begins.

13 November 2009

Nerd Alert

OK, so there have been a few nerdy things I have noticed lately.


Singing on Campus - In Latin
Enjoying and Loving on Math Equations like the Taylor and Maclaurin series.
Wearing Sweat - Outfits on campus.

I fall under two of three. YIKES. Can you guess which ones?

09 November 2009

So - We went to the Cabin this weekend. We being Kelli, Erin, Katherine, Tegan and I. Besides having a ridiculously fun time - we made this video, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

05 November 2009

Don't Deny Yourself the Experience ...

CLICK HERE! To watch the most amazing video, of this boy Asher Book. Who I'm slightly obsessed with, mostly because of his voice. LISTEN. Love. (oh p.s. He is a babe too). The End.