27 November 2009

Left Field

So, while I'm putting up priceless pictures, feast your eye's on these. Bethany and I uncovered these little gems the other day. It's from these pictures that Bethany and I came to a clear understanding of why the boys in High School said our small group of friends "came out of left field" ... you can compare and contrast among these pictures, and decide for yourself!

Ali, Bethany, Vanessa, Megan
Kim, Bethany, Ali, Megan, Vanessa, Ashley, McKinzie

Bethany, Kim, Vanessa, Megan, McKinzie, Ali, Ashley

Bethany, Kim, Vanessa, Megan, McKinzie, Ali, Ashley

(All of these taken I believe in the seventh grade...)

Ali, Megan and Bethany - Emotion Bowl 2007

Megan, Ali, Bethany, McKinzie, Ashley and Nikelle
(Graduation 2008)


Jill said...

oh my gosh these made my day!

Katherine Welch said...

I LOVE your header. Just perfect for the season.