21 November 2009


Seriously, who knew that one of THESE puppies could be so DANGEROUS!

This morning, I was innocently round brushing my hair - like I do, when I decided to put the blow dryer in between my legs while I repositioned the round brush in my hair. *Note - The reason I didn't put it on my counter is because I was using the outlet far away from the counter because the outlet next to our sink is WORTHLESS. Anyway, my knees started getting REALLY HOT. So naturally I release, and the blow dryer falls to the ground. THEN... I SMELL something so Disgusting. I look down and to my amazement, my BLOW DRYER BURNT a HOLE in my ROBE! .. True story. Now our vanity area smells like burnt robe. Sick.


ShaLyse Walker said...

That is terrifying!!!! That is one hot blow dryer!

frizzles16 said...

Note to self: Don't go into your vanity area.