18 December 2011

So Far...

I thought I would post a few of my favorite pictures of my Christmas break so far. It's only been a couple days - but we have wasted no time having fun!
Painting My Nails - Christmas Style

Shopping for our matching sweats - being labeled as 'that group' in the store and then wearing them on the same day!

 Listening to this tiny music lover play the piano and watching her dance at the same time.

Looking at Mom's Beeeeautiful tree.

Seeing these tiny toms on these tiny girls.

Finding the necklace I was sure I had vacuumed up. I am so dang lucky.

 Discovering how awesome Chick-fil-A's ketchup packets are. 

…. aaaand riding 3 hours from Salt Lake in the car like this. It was lucky it was between two of my very favorite people in the whole world. 

I am loving on this no homework time. This next week I can already tell is going to be fantastic.

16 December 2011

Next Year!

First of all, to my two or three faithful readers… sorry about the hiatus! This has been the busiest four months ever. But they are over! I am hoping I remember this little blog a little bit more now that I have some time (at least for the next couple weeks!)

Things I am looking forward to over the next few months:
1. Spending time with my family - especially the tiny's (Bella and Sofia)!
2. Taking BATHS. One of my favorite things. 
3. Reading books. I love reading books that don't have practice problems after each chapter!
4. Student Teaching! I am done with classes and I start student teaching in January at Diamond Fork Jr. High in Spanish Fork! I get to teach 9th grade math and I couldn't be more excited!
5. Playing sports! I am going to play on a basketball and soccer intramural team this next year - and I am pumped. 
6. Watching One Tree Hill - my new t.v. addiction. 
7. Having all my old favorite series start up again in January. (Confessions of a t.v. junkie). 
8. Playing the piano. I will actually have time for this!
9. Sleeping in a comfy bed. 
10. The NBA starting back up. Awesome. 

…. and those are just to name a few! I know those mostly sound like lazy/loungey things but I think I just need the break from thinking! 

Hopefully next time you check in I'll have had time to post about a new adventure!