29 March 2010

Sometimes ...

Sometimes while I'm studying ... I just feel like this. 

And since I accidently only got 5 hours of sleep last night (I require a good 8)
This is what happened today in the library. Oops.

18 March 2010


Today - was a Chaco day. The weather was beau-tee-ful. (until about 6 when it started raining) BUT I was able to break them out and wear them for the first time this season! YAY for warm weather! I can not wait until I can wear them every day!

15 March 2010

Where ???

I have a test to be studying for. A paper to write. Hundreds of pages to read. Math problems to attend to. AND a test key to completely dissect. BUT the only thing on my mind is this lovely place ...

Where I can relax just like this cutie ...

And spend time with these beauties (Please feel free to appreciate the face I was able to make in this picture)

After a week like this all I can think is "There is no place like home" ... and it is just MONDAY. 

Dear Friday, 

Please come faster. 

Love, Ali

13 March 2010


Shelby tweeted this yesterday and I loved it. 

"The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you." Elbert Hubbard

So, so true.

10 March 2010


So, Sometimes I get an idea of a drawing I want to do in my head. A few days ago, this happened. I haven't had time until now to do it though (I took a test Sat. Mon. Tue and Wed. ... sick). Anyway, since I finally had some free time, I decided to do it. First though, I needed to take a picture of what I wanted to draw... me. I wanted to do sort of an eery pic. too. So Jill helped me brainstorm, and we decided I would do one where I had fallen down the stairs. It is a little bit creepy... but I think it is SO COOL! Let me know what you think!

08 March 2010

The Bee ...

Let me introduce you to one of my very favorite people... 

Her name is BETHANY - she also goes by The Bee. 

see her blogging skills here 

see her face here 

Reasons why I love her?

I can talk to her about ANYTHING.

She is a couple hours away, yet we are still so close. 

She knows how to have a great time!

Somehow she gets me to tag along on adventures that I would rather not be apart of :)

She is just the best.


05 March 2010


I hate falling, because no matter how much I pretend like it didn't hurt. It always does. Like today, when I pretended to be brave, but really I just wanted to cry.


When I fell out of the car at girls choice. No one saw, and this was the smaller of the MULTIPLE bruises and scrapes that I got. I had to run into the dance and pretend like I hadn't just slid down the side of a car.

Or... This time, when I was practicing for my clogging test, and I chugged on the wrong texture of floor. (except I really did cry this time)

OR today, when I slipped on THIS puddle

and got THIS injury (it doesn't look that bad, but trust me, it hurts) and Katherine was right there, so I had to act tough. 

The point of this? A. I either need to stop falling. 
B. I need to learn to be able to cry when I fall, because I want to EVERY time!

04 March 2010

Why, why, why??

WHY did I spend 30 minutes this morning ... Showering ... Applying Product ... Blow Drying ... Straightening ... AND ... Styling my hair JUST so it could SNOW this afternoon and get ruined on my SHORT walk from the Math Building to the LIBRARY! (For those of you unfamiliar with BYU's campus - that is approximately 100 ft or LESS!) Now my hair looks disgusting, and I basically wasted 30 minutes of precious studying time. (Not to mention the 10 more minutes I'm wasting on my blog :) ). 

All I have to say is - Thank You Utah.

OH (and Tegan, it probably wouldn't have snowed if you didn't ask me if I thought it would any more this morning. I guess to you I can say - I told you so - unfortunately)

02 March 2010


I have been thinking lately... I have a LOT of things that I am grateful for, and they simply reasons to be happy. Here are just are 4 of them.

- I LOVE LOVE LOVE being at school right now. My classes are AWESOME! I'm obsessed with linear algebra. It is great.

- I have the most AMAZING friends. End of story.

- I bought a Kite yesterday. I flew my kite yesterday. AND it is beginning to feel like SPRING!

- I'm drinking Cranberry juice right now. YUM.

and this is just to name a FEW.

I find when I look for reasons to be happy, I notice there are hundreds. I've started thinking of these every morning - and continue thinking them throughout the day. I really am very blessed and it is good to remember why and be grateful for it. I dare you to think of 5 things in your life that you are grateful for. I can almost promise you, these 5 reasons will make you happy for the rest of the day.