04 March 2010

Why, why, why??

WHY did I spend 30 minutes this morning ... Showering ... Applying Product ... Blow Drying ... Straightening ... AND ... Styling my hair JUST so it could SNOW this afternoon and get ruined on my SHORT walk from the Math Building to the LIBRARY! (For those of you unfamiliar with BYU's campus - that is approximately 100 ft or LESS!) Now my hair looks disgusting, and I basically wasted 30 minutes of precious studying time. (Not to mention the 10 more minutes I'm wasting on my blog :) ). 

All I have to say is - Thank You Utah.

OH (and Tegan, it probably wouldn't have snowed if you didn't ask me if I thought it would any more this morning. I guess to you I can say - I told you so - unfortunately)


Little Fish Girl said...

Utah did the same thing to me today except my hair didn't look that great in the first place... Though this morning since it was beautiful out I decided to not wear a coat so I froze on the way home. :(

frizzles16 said...

Haha, story of my life. Also, you are from Idaho, man up and face the snow.

Tegan said...

I'm really kinda glad you did. :)