05 March 2010


I hate falling, because no matter how much I pretend like it didn't hurt. It always does. Like today, when I pretended to be brave, but really I just wanted to cry.


When I fell out of the car at girls choice. No one saw, and this was the smaller of the MULTIPLE bruises and scrapes that I got. I had to run into the dance and pretend like I hadn't just slid down the side of a car.

Or... This time, when I was practicing for my clogging test, and I chugged on the wrong texture of floor. (except I really did cry this time)

OR today, when I slipped on THIS puddle

and got THIS injury (it doesn't look that bad, but trust me, it hurts) and Katherine was right there, so I had to act tough. 

The point of this? A. I either need to stop falling. 
B. I need to learn to be able to cry when I fall, because I want to EVERY time!


Tasha said...

I didn't know you did clogging! I'm in intermediate right now. That floor is slippery. Good luck on overcoming clumsiness!

Katherine said...

I fall down with you next time if it makes you feel better...

Jessica Rose said...

That is terrible!!! I say stop falling. But if you do fall, we can cry together.