31 December 2009


So I feel ridiculously lucky this morning. Why? ... This is why.

Last night I lost my ipod touch (side note - I got it for Christmas). I didn't realize it until this morning though.

Well, when I couldn't find it any where in the house, I panicked.

So I started retracing my steps.

I hadn't really done anything last night except go to Scotty's Drive In with the family, and then I went over to Shelby's house. I looked both my mom's car and my car clean through.
I searched my house over from top to bottom like ... mmmm ... ten times! I called Shelby and had her on the hunt through her entire house. Nothing. My last idea, call Scotty's. The man that answered the phone was real nice - but no luck. My mom told me I should still go look at Scotty's anyway. So I did.


My ipod was IN THE PARKING LOT. UNDER a car. Snow Covered.

I CRAWLED under the car and grabbed it. IT STILL WORKS!

Seriously. Lucky.

28 December 2009

Christmas! - and the events leading up to it!

I love love Christmas - the best part? FAMILY!

Sideways Hilary Picture

Traditional Grandma Dot's on Christmas Eve with ALL of the Walker fam. from Idaho!

SOOO fun!

Chase's FIRST date!! Cute.

Doing Puzzles With the Wardens!

Make sure we don't have double chin's with Shelby! haha
(and having piano/guitar jam sessions)

The Holidays are the BEST!

24 December 2009


A little fun we had before bed, after we had all opened our Christmas Jammies!

Every one being goofy

He Must Work Out.

Rema Squemma.


21 December 2009


I'll admit - I was skeptical about going to see this

BUT After watching it in 3-D ... I am a FAN! SUCH as cool movie!
I was extremely impressed with everything they did.
The story line was actually quite insane.

Seriously - go see it. You won't be disappointed.

15 December 2009


Dear Math,

WHY do you involve so much MEMORIZING? I don't know if there is really enough space in my BRAIN. ... I guess I can thank FINALS for that too.

Oh well,


09 December 2009


Funny story.

So, today I was sitting in my Math 290 class, like I do every Mon. Wed. and Fri. from 12 -1. While listening to the lecture on how to prove if a limit is continuous on a function, the nice boy behind me ... let's call him Brad Smith ... kindly tells me that I can have some of his chocolate covered peanuts. So I turned and thanked him and ate some. He noted that they were extra good, and that they were from his Grandma, the conversation that followed went something like this...

(Side note, earlier last month, Brad had told me his Grandparents were from my home town...)

Me: Your Grandma from Idaho Falls?

Brad: Yep

... a little time passes...

Me: What are your Grandparent's last name?

Brad: Walker

Me: What is your Grandma's first name?

Brad: (I can't actually remember what he said her name was)

Me: Oh, ... What is your Grandpa's name?

Brad: Owen.

Me: Is he alive.

Brad: Yes..

.... Some more time passes.

Me: I'm pretty sure we are like second cousins or something.

Laughing from the surrounding listeners.

Brad: What is your Grandpa's name?

Me: Von

Brad: I'm positive we are related then.

Me: (showing Brad a picture) does your Grandpa look a lot like this?

Brad: Yes.

Lots of laughing...

This laughing and exchange continued for a while.. and I also hear...

Brad: Wow, I'm kind of glad I didn't ask you on a date.

Laughing continued.

Well, the moral of the story is as follows: If your last name is Walker, or you know you have relatives with that name - be sure to compare family tree's before you consider seriously dating, because as Brad and I found out today - you just never know who is your cousin (Especially on BYU's campus!)

02 December 2009

Two Great Stories...

A. I thought of this last night, it should be a Jack Handy ... "Sometimes, when I write in my journal, I like to change the names of Holidays. That is mostly in hopes that I can really confuse future generations."

B. Today I was in the Wilk.. in the automatic bathroom. Seriously. Everything is automatic. Anyway, the toilet paper is automatic too. And as I was in there, I heard this lady say "My automatic dispenser is broken, could someone pass me some t.p.? .. I'm in ... Here ... " I secretly wish I wasn't detained so I could have seen how she flagged herself. Bummer.