09 December 2009


Funny story.

So, today I was sitting in my Math 290 class, like I do every Mon. Wed. and Fri. from 12 -1. While listening to the lecture on how to prove if a limit is continuous on a function, the nice boy behind me ... let's call him Brad Smith ... kindly tells me that I can have some of his chocolate covered peanuts. So I turned and thanked him and ate some. He noted that they were extra good, and that they were from his Grandma, the conversation that followed went something like this...

(Side note, earlier last month, Brad had told me his Grandparents were from my home town...)

Me: Your Grandma from Idaho Falls?

Brad: Yep

... a little time passes...

Me: What are your Grandparent's last name?

Brad: Walker

Me: What is your Grandma's first name?

Brad: (I can't actually remember what he said her name was)

Me: Oh, ... What is your Grandpa's name?

Brad: Owen.

Me: Is he alive.

Brad: Yes..

.... Some more time passes.

Me: I'm pretty sure we are like second cousins or something.

Laughing from the surrounding listeners.

Brad: What is your Grandpa's name?

Me: Von

Brad: I'm positive we are related then.

Me: (showing Brad a picture) does your Grandpa look a lot like this?

Brad: Yes.

Lots of laughing...

This laughing and exchange continued for a while.. and I also hear...

Brad: Wow, I'm kind of glad I didn't ask you on a date.

Laughing continued.

Well, the moral of the story is as follows: If your last name is Walker, or you know you have relatives with that name - be sure to compare family tree's before you consider seriously dating, because as Brad and I found out today - you just never know who is your cousin (Especially on BYU's campus!)


Katie said...

hey its okay preston did date his cousin and knew it and was fine with it until she told him she was weirded out by it...hahahha

frizzles16 said...

So true. This place is a ridiculously small little mormon world.

ShaLyse Walker said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Katie's comment is cracking me up. Seriously.
Such a funny experience Ali...that's wild!!! Kinda disappointing if you DID have a crush on him though. hahaha
Dallen and I thought we were related for a second once on my Creer side...but it was only my marriage. We both almost had a heart attack/burst out crying at the same time.

Jenny Pate said...

Yup, funny.

marissa89 said...

Lol love it! So funny. It never fails, finding long loast relatives everywhere you go. Ps...your hair is adoreable.

Julie said...

bahahaha thats so funny.... something similar happened to me my first semester. only we dated.........and dated for quite some time before we figured it out!?

Brad Smith said...

Ali, I laugh every time I think about this. Ha ha ha. Except I'm pretty sure you're leaving out part of the interchange. ;)

Ali Walker said...

wait! what part am I leaving out! - it needs to be added, because the WHOLE interchange was funny!

p.s. every comment on this is cracking me up!

Brad Smith said...

Do you remember which two of the brothers passed away this summer?

Ali Walker said...

ok, that part probably shouldn't be repeated, i take that back!