31 December 2009


So I feel ridiculously lucky this morning. Why? ... This is why.

Last night I lost my ipod touch (side note - I got it for Christmas). I didn't realize it until this morning though.

Well, when I couldn't find it any where in the house, I panicked.

So I started retracing my steps.

I hadn't really done anything last night except go to Scotty's Drive In with the family, and then I went over to Shelby's house. I looked both my mom's car and my car clean through.
I searched my house over from top to bottom like ... mmmm ... ten times! I called Shelby and had her on the hunt through her entire house. Nothing. My last idea, call Scotty's. The man that answered the phone was real nice - but no luck. My mom told me I should still go look at Scotty's anyway. So I did.


My ipod was IN THE PARKING LOT. UNDER a car. Snow Covered.

I CRAWLED under the car and grabbed it. IT STILL WORKS!

Seriously. Lucky.


frizzles16 said...

Dude. Lucky indeed. That would have sucked to loose it that fast.

Little Fish Girl said...

After that one I should carry you around like a lucky rabbit foot!