27 January 2010


In reference to a human body.

Joseph - I hope you are symmetrical around the y-axis.

Neo - What if you were symmetrical around the x-axis, now that would be a real butt head.

hahaha. love math.

26 January 2010


So cute.

Today Remi asked me what I had done.

My response was

Went to class.
Went to the math lab.
Ate lunch.
Went to class.
Went to the math lab.
Remi's response,

What the heck is the math lab? Please don't tell me you dissect numbers.

Haha, so cute. Love her.

21 January 2010

Art Saved The Day...

So, before you read this post... If you haven't read my post entitled LUCK. click here and read that first.

Anyway, today while I was sitting in my Humanities class studying some artists, I was doodling at the same time. I was really enjoying myself. I love art, I loving learning about art, and I love drawing. So I started thinking... Lately I have really been contemplating a minor. I seriously want one. Art has been in my top four choices. So I thought I might as well, right then and there, re-look at the requirements for an art minor again.
Before I took out my computer, I realized how disrespectful that would be to look that up in the middle of a well prepared lecture. So, I thought I should probably be more sneaky about it. So I went to take out my ipod to do it on there.

To my complete dismay it was NOT in my backpack. I panicked. Thinking through my day, I realized the only placed I could have left it was the library. The LIBRARY! Seriously - probably the most occupied building on campus. Even worse, the only place I had been in the library was the Periodicals! (the place where I swear EVERYONE is).

With a sick feeling in my stomach, I jolted out of class and ran to the library. Only to FIND my ipod wedged between the seat cushion in the chair I had been sitting in. I quickly slipped back into class with a huge, relieved smile on my face.

How. Lucky.

17 January 2010

10 Things - again.

I know that these are kind of old news, but I'm in the mood to do it again.

10 things that make me incredibly happy

1. My Family

2. Good Music

3. Jack Handy

4. My Piano.

5. 24!

6. Spending time with certain people.

7. Frazzils

8. Getting Math Problems Right.

9. When my friends are Honest and Real.

10. Ice Cream

08 January 2010


SOOO - I will not be giving up on this blog - BUT for a class assignment - I get to start a new one as well! Feel free to follow mathematicalispeaking.blogspot.com if you would like!