29 June 2009


Well, it is Monday, so I need to vent a little bit about the Bachelorette! Yes, I am officially pathetically obsessed with the show. TOnight, blew my mind! I almost teared up after watching Jillian give up Michael and KEEP WES!!! What was she thinking! I loved Michael, if I could fly to New York tonight and find him, I would mary him. He was perfect! -- Enough Bachelorette venting.

(Photography by Megan)

Now, for my real thought for the evening. Tonight as Megan and I were waiting for her little brother to surrender the t.v. so we could watch Confessions of a Shopaholic, we decided to do an old time favorite activity, and jump on the tramp!!! As we were jumping the thought occurred, how in the world could any child grow up without the experience of a trampoline!!! For me, it wasn't until my dad finally caved with the safest he could go, underground with a net, but still, we had that trusty trampoline to play on!!! How could you go your whole life without having a water-balloon fight on a trampoline, jumping with the sprinkler underneath, or the summer classic, sleeping on the tramp! Really the thought is just Unbelievable. Thank goodness for that gymnastic apparatus consisting of a strong canvas sheet attached with springs to a metal frame (http://dictionary.die.net/trampoline) that has provided me with hours of enjoyment over these many years.

28 June 2009


Rachel, you are right :) Hip-hop for sure! And Grrr, I will teach you some great moves! (Ha, well once I get better at it!) ... River dancing or belly dancing would be way sweet though.

27 June 2009

Take A Guess...

SO, I started taking a dance class... Which I love. For those of you, who have been so forutnate to witness my mad dancing skills (Bahahaha) you will know that I could probably handle any style of dance. (HA!). Just for fun, I'm curious... What style of dance do YOU think I've started taking??

26 June 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

There is nothing to make it feel more like summer than going to the Chukars games! I'm proud to say I haven't missed one yet this season (there have only been three so far, and all of them were this week!) Regardless, sitting at the ball park makes it feel like summer!

... And what better way is there to top off a great night at the ball park than Yoga Class!!?...

22 June 2009

... obsessed.

SO...... I am obsessed with the Bachelorette. Me and everyone else around here! I'm going to have to say that my favorites from the beginning have been Break Dancer Michael and Pilot Jake. Tonight, there was some freaking out when JAKE left and WES stayed! Wes is such a poser. SHE BETTER FIND THAT OUT. I got really excited when there was the preview of Jake coming back next week! Wes better go and JAKE better stay.. and Michael! Ah, how lame that I love this show so much but ... I can't wait till next Monday!!!




21 June 2009


There is no greater man than this, in the world. I have never seen anyone who is more dedicated to what they believe, so hardworking, so incredibly funny, so selfless, or anywhere near as amazing as him. He always thinks of others first, and will endlessly work and create and do to make sure his kids have more than we deserve. He treats his family like royalty and is always looking for a way to give, and to help us achieve whatever it is we want to. The man can cook like its nobody's business and if you have ever had a meal of his, you know that he makes sure you eat (weather you want the extra            ---insert any food he cooks here--- or not, you get it!). He loves to serve and to teach. I'm just lucky that I get to call this man Dad. Brilliantly said in the words of one of the greatest songs out there...
 "Growing up I never doubted that you believed in me, never once do I remember you asking anything. Working day and night so I could go and find my dreams. If you ask, that's a true man to me."                                                             -(Shelby and Shalyse Walker) 

Happy Father's Day Daddy-O.

I love you!

15 June 2009


Yes, I bought one of these little baby's the other day. And I am Obsessed. If you would like a concert, let me know. I have a good array of songs mastered. If you would like one of your own, I would check the piano gallery, it costed something around 2.50. Actually, I'm in the process of recording a song with it. Let me know if you want that too. It will be top of the line. Let me just mention again, yes.. I am obsessed!

11 June 2009

Tribute to Grandpa Von

The local news channel 8 did a great tribute to Grandpa, click HERE to watch it.

10 June 2009

Grandpa Von

GRANDPA Roland "Von" Walker

In loving memory of Roland L. "Von" Walker who was born July 16, 1926, to Edwin and Ethyl June Walker in Lewisville, Idaho, and died Monday, June 8, 2009, at the age of 82.

He was the third of seven children. His siblings include Owen (Venice), Lois (Jack Hilterbrand), Phillis (Elmer Summers), Merrill (Arlene), Lorna (Sherril Vance), Otis (Jeri) and a half sister, Carolyn (Norman Clark). He was preceded in death by Phillis and Merrill.

Von grew up in Lewisville, where he attended elementary in the old rock school house. He graduated from Midway High School in 1944, where he served as student body president. He played high school basketball under coach Brick Parkinson. He also played on the interstate regional M-Men team under coach Terry Peterson. Von's military service during WWII was spent in the Philippine Islands, where he was honorably discharged at the rank of Sergeant.

He was married to Dorothy McNeil January 16, 1948, in the Idaho Falls LDS Temple. They had seven children, Marla (Jay Evans), Celia (Blair Erickson), Jan (Brad Gordon), Roland N. "Rollie" (Sally Creer), Blair (Debbie Call), Loin (Vickie Saunders) and Keith (Allyson Fife).

In his later years, he loved the constant friendship and protection from his little poodle named "Tish." Von and Dorothy have 32 grandchildren and 33 great-grandchildren, with more on the way. Von served in many positions in the church, including teacher, member of the Bishopric, Bishop and High Councilman at Ricks College. He was loved particularly by the youth of the church. He also served on the boards of canals, cemeteries and various businesses.

In his career, he was an outstanding farmer. He started with a few acres in the Lewisville valley and drilled one of the first wells on the Rexburg Bench. From there he expanded to the Osgood, Ririe and Hamer areas, where he cleared sagebrush and grew to farming thousands of acres as a prominent potato farmer. He also loved raising cattle and other livestock, and he was a good businessman.

He lived an adventurous life, where he built and operated diamond mining operations in Liberia, Africa. He was the last American removed from Liberia before that country was overtaken by warring coupes. When he returned from Africa, he was the recipient of a heart transplant, which extended his life a remarkable fifteen years. In addition to his career in agriculture, he expanded into nation-wide video rental businesses, real estate developments and more. He was an avid journal writer and book reader. He loved his cabin in Island Park, and he loved to go fishing with his children and grandchildren. He established many memorable traditions with them. Of all he was able to do in life, his greatest accomplishment was the encouragement and inspiration he gave to his children, grandchildren and other youth who were able to cross his path. He lived a most remarkable life.

Funeral services will be at 11 a.m. Saturday, June 13, 2009, at the Lewisville 1st Ward Chapel, with Bishop James Gneiting officiating. The family will visit with friends from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Friday evening and from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Saturday, both at the church. Burial will be in Lewisville Cemetery under the direction of Eckersell Funeral Home.

The family extends their gratitude to the many doctors and medical personnel who took such good care of him. Memorial contributions may be made to Cardio Vascular Research in honor of Dr. Jeffery Lance Anderson, thru The Deseret Foundation, 8th Ave. & C Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84143. Condolences may be sent to the family online at www.eckersellfuneralhome.com.

Family Tribute


03 June 2009


(Please ignore my sleeping eyes!)

.. He was nimble, and boy was he quick! The other day while Jord and Hil were in town, we decide to become frog hunters! In the pond in the back yard there is a LOUD frog. You can hear him inside the house. Even during the day, he croaks up a storm. The first night they were here we went on the hunt, unsuccessfully. This was only a tiny bit annoying (x 100) because there wasn't even water in the pond yet! Jordan and I were not going to give up that easy though. Two days later we decided to try our luck again. The hunt was way more succesful! After a long debate on where he was, because his croaks were echoing around the pond, Jordan got on hands and knees, with his head practically in the water, and FOUND HIM! We were quite excited and I ran inside to get a cup. To my dismay, the screen door was shut, I practically broke it ..running into it like a dork.. but I quickly recovered, and grabbed the cups, and we caught ourselves a frog! We put him back when we were done admiring him, but boy was it fun!