17 July 2011


Today as I was cleaning out my drawers and closets, I happened upon some of my favorite memories of all time - my high school dance pictures! I rummaged through them and was able to find pictures from every dance. They are so fun, I figured it was necessary to scan them so I had digital copies. Then I decided I would blog them for your (but mostly my) viewing pleasure! Enjoy.

Girls Choice

 "A Night on the Nile" with Tanner. Our shirts said "Who's Your Mummy?" This was my first girls choice dance, and it was so much fun!

 "Vegas, City of Lights" with Steven. Our shirts had our dates names on the front, written in dice. Then the back said "That's How I Roll." Clever, right?!

 "Cops & Robbers" with Nic! Shirts said "I Shot the Sheriff, But I Didn't Shoot…" Dinner was at Bethany's and the decorations were better than those at the dance!

 "The Luck of the Irish" with Andrew. The shirts for this read "At the End of the Rainbow I Found…" We thought we were clever with our rainbow shirts!


 This was my very first formal dance "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight," it was with Spencer, and it was awesome! Yes - you did see me wear this dress to another dance below. Disclaimer: They were a year apart, and let's be honest… that dress is bangin'!

 "A Night to Remember" with Austin. Loved this dress. He asked me the cutest of any dance. It involved a Teddy Bear and literally hundreds of chocolate kisses!

This was my very last formal dance, "A Walk to Remember." Who better to go with than Brian? He told me his suit color so I could match my dress to it. He was that excited about it!

Senior Ball

 "Star Struck" with Carter. Loved this dance. I also loved how he asked me - there was a bag of peanuts with a poster that said… can you guess? Probably not. …"Ali, because I'm nuts… will you go to Senior Ball with me?!" Haha, classic Carter, so funny. I loved it. Also, please notice Shelby's dress in the group picture (it is the mint green one). That was my Grandma Dot's high school Prom dress. How neat is that!? 

 "A Night of Espionage" with Cory. Favorite part: When we were dancing and I lost Cory,  I looked down and found him in the splits on the floor. He did it intentionally - it was just one of his better dance moves!


 "A Moment in Time" with Jeremy. This was a lot of fun, Hilary also won Miss Tri-Counties this night!

Without a doubt this was my favorite dance and favorite dress. "Back in Black" with Spencer! My club was in charge of this dance, and we did an amazing job if I do say so myself! I also picked out the picture backdrops! They are pretty neat, aren't they?!

Rummage Romp

This was the at the end of the year - the dress code was anything you could find at the rummage sell. As you can see, we always looked real classy.

 Turkey Trot

This was our Pilgrims and Indians dance that we had late November - it was always very fun!

15 July 2011


Over 4th of July weekend, we went camping and fishing! It was really fun, but I think it is best described in pictures… so, here they are!

As you can see, the lake was beautiful!

We found these Pelican Eggs in the shallow water!

Here are all of the crew members!

Another pic. of the view.

Just a picture of my scar, for good measure.

As you can see, we ate very well :)

And here were my sleeping quarters!

Not a bad trip if you ask me. 

12 July 2011


Well, a few weeks ago my good friend Katherine Welch entered the MTC. Me, being full of good ideas, decided it would be fun to leave her a note on the grounds to find. I told her the day I would do it and the general area, and the rest was up to her. Katherine, being a good friend, agreed to go along with it. Well the day came and I wrote a silly 2 line note. Then I made all of my roommates and a few friends sign it. Just so she felt more loved. We proceeded to go hide it in the designated area…. clearly not thinking about consequences. I mean, what harm was there in a short nice note?

Well, I got a letter from Katherine today. This is what it said.
     "So, funny story. On Saturday, I was on the south end of the MTC, and convinced my companion to let me look for your note really quick, but I couldn't find it. Then Sunday, my branch president calls me into an interview with him and says, "what do you know about a note?" and I said "A doctor's note?" (because he's a doctor, and I was sick on Saturday) and he said, 'no. just a note that security found and that they currently have in their office." Me: "….. Oh. That note."
     "hahaha! It was funny. Not at the time when I had to explain everything to him, but now it is. He thought it would have been form a boyfriend, but nope. It was just from my awesome friend Ali. Oh boy.
     "So from now on, please send mail to the address on my blog. Thanks :)."

Ahahahaha……. oops. Guess it wasn't the best idea I've ever had.

Sorry Katherine.

11 July 2011

Rag Rug

Remi and I decided to spend our Saturday night watching Julie and Julia and making friendship bracelets. A classic summer activity. Me - being ambitious - decided to make the 'totem pole' bracelet the other day. I'm still not finished (I don't recommend, it takes for.ev.er.) So, Saturday I decided to give up on my other one and make a new one with the 'Rag Rug' pattern. It was finished by the time the movie was over - therefore I love it. I also love that movie. 

Here are some pictures of my new ankle adornment. 

I think it captures the 'Rag Rug' look!

I debated putting an ankle picture up - but it was impossible to take a pretty one. Maybe next time.

09 July 2011

Seven Smoothie


I created a delicious smoothie this morning, so I thought I would share the recipe.

Try it, you won't regret it. It is just that good.

7 - Fresh Raspberries                                                                7 calories
1/2 - Banana cut in to 7 pieces                                                    53 calories
7 - 1' slices of Celery                                                                 1 calorie
7 oz - of Cran-Grape Juice                                                         122 calories
1 - baby carrot (you can cut it into 7 pieces if you want)                4 calories
1 - 4 oz cup of Applesauce                                                          50 calories
7 - small ice cubes                                                                      0 calories
                                                                           Total: 237 calories   

Simply blend all of the ingredients together.

This is how pretty it looks.

You're Welcome.

p.s. There is no pineapple in it, I just used it to help the picture look pretty.
p.s.s. Yes, that is a pig on the tile in the background. We have farm animals etched into multiple tiles in the kitchen.

08 July 2011

Wondrous Worker

This was a very good book. I learned a ton. I highly recommend it.

Wilford Woodruff: Wondrous Worker, Prophet of God.