12 July 2011


Well, a few weeks ago my good friend Katherine Welch entered the MTC. Me, being full of good ideas, decided it would be fun to leave her a note on the grounds to find. I told her the day I would do it and the general area, and the rest was up to her. Katherine, being a good friend, agreed to go along with it. Well the day came and I wrote a silly 2 line note. Then I made all of my roommates and a few friends sign it. Just so she felt more loved. We proceeded to go hide it in the designated area…. clearly not thinking about consequences. I mean, what harm was there in a short nice note?

Well, I got a letter from Katherine today. This is what it said.
     "So, funny story. On Saturday, I was on the south end of the MTC, and convinced my companion to let me look for your note really quick, but I couldn't find it. Then Sunday, my branch president calls me into an interview with him and says, "what do you know about a note?" and I said "A doctor's note?" (because he's a doctor, and I was sick on Saturday) and he said, 'no. just a note that security found and that they currently have in their office." Me: "….. Oh. That note."
     "hahaha! It was funny. Not at the time when I had to explain everything to him, but now it is. He thought it would have been form a boyfriend, but nope. It was just from my awesome friend Ali. Oh boy.
     "So from now on, please send mail to the address on my blog. Thanks :)."

Ahahahaha……. oops. Guess it wasn't the best idea I've ever had.

Sorry Katherine.

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Emily Love said...

haha that's the best thing ever