28 May 2009

The First Sighting

Soooo, there is really only one thing I absolutely detest about being home, that is HOBOS. Two days ago I had my first sighting of the season at work. It went something like, me walking in the back room to a desk to get some papers to work on, looking down by the chair, seeing a MASSIVE sick Hobo, then a little screaming, a lot of running, to find a boy to smash it for me. Classic, everyone I asked said they were afraid of Hobos too. When I finally found someone brave enough, the little creeper was long gone. I was hoping that was the end of it, but boy was I wrong. Yesterday I get to work, and I was asked to organize and polish the rental fleet of Segways. As I was doing this, I looked UP yes UP on the wall and there was a Huge Hobo!... For all of you Idahoans that believe Hobos can't climb. They've evolved. Serious. It was HIGH on the wall. I ran to my dad, he got some insect spray, and then the boy I work with sprayed it down to weaken its mobility, then another BRAVE guy GRABBED it with his rag and Smashed it. The Segways are right my desk. Needless to say, I didn't sit there at all yesterday. Sick. These little guys better steer clear of my bedroom, and my whole house for that matter. I have no mercy for them or their venom. I think these hobo's just need to get out of town!

24 May 2009

21 May 2009

The Scare

Last night, Meg and I went expadizing... (Meg on the wave board, me on foot). We were having a great time, when out of the blue, there was a creepy car lurking around the corner. It started driving slow by me, and the old lady in the window... Scary! The car drove by and we thought we were safe until, psych!... it made a U-turn and turned off its lights and started following us! Meg and I - creeped out times 500 got closer to each other, Megan had her hand on phone ready to make a quick call. The car speeds up a tiny bit, stops and the scary old lady darts out of the car towards me and grabs me!... To my very pleasant, and relieved surprise it was just creeper 1 - a.k.a. - Court! and out of the driver's seat pops creeper 2 - Jess! Neither of them were creepy old lady's. They did manage to make my heart skip at least three beats in a matter of seconds. That was some great work.

After Megs and I watched part of Valkyrie, then we gave up out of shear exhaustion. It ended up being a great night!

17 May 2009

An Eventful Weekend....

This was quite an eventful weekend, but boy was it a good one! Tegan came to visit 
(WWOOOOOOHHOOOOO!!!) and even though I wasn't feeling fabulous, it didn't stop us from having a good time! I just LOVE Tegan, what an amazing girl, she is so darn happy, fun, confident, beautiful, positive, and just plain amazing. I really enjoyed being in her company this weekend. We were able to have a few good times, despite me not feeling 100%. When she got here, she waited for me to get off work, then we ran a bunch of errands (o.k. that wasn't the fun part...) after this though, we shared our favorite you-tube video's since school has gotten out, and we got to go to a movie courtesy of my father! Fighting - it was actually quite good I thought. After, we of course hit up 'berto's. What else do you do that late at night? When we got home, we chatted for quite some time, then rested, to get up and run a couple more errands, and ride the Vespa! - o.k. really I wasn't that fun of a host, but I just loved seeing Tegan, how could anyone not?

...I Hope You're Dreams Take you to the
 Corner of Your Smiles...

Saturday night - was fabulou
s. I attended Remi Mae's dance recital. I won't write so much about this part, I will say though, that it was A. Fun to watch Remi Mae, Savannah Sue, Saylor Lee, Presley Kate, and Chloee Shaylee, ... AND Uncle Cory dance so well tonight! They were all fabulous. B. Remi was SO GOOD! I was so impressed by how much she has improved, and how beautiful she was on stage. and C. How flippin' cool it was to see the oldest dance team dance on point to Misery Business,strings edition.

Lastly, tonight after the recital, I went to see Angels and Demons. WOW. What a graphic, scary, amazing and brilliant show. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! I've never read the books, but wow. Really, that was brilliant, everything was so unexpected and AH! I just loved it! (well the parts my eyes were open for!) ... 

 ...and THAT about sums up my weekend, Finally!

14 May 2009


Yesterday, Remalema graduated from D.A.R.E. We were all very proud of her, and she was SO excited. She even was awarded a special award for completing all six challenges! No pop, no T.V., good deed daily, practice a talent, clean room, and dress for success. She did not mess around! Atta-girl! Even though the graduation program, was a tad bit long... Way to go Remasquema!!

10 May 2009

10 Things

Ten things that make me terribly happy.

10. A choral piece that can make me cry.

9. Real/True friends.

8. Solving a difficult math problem.

7. Being myself.

6. Jumping on the tramp.

5. Carnation instant breakfast.

4. Being the cause of OTHER people smiling and laughing (I make myself laugh, hourly, doesn't count).

3. A hamburger from SnakeBite or Sushi from WhiteWaterGrill.

2. Looking at the stars and summer nights in, IDAHO.

1. Drawing and Painting.

09 May 2009

To My Mother

Happy Mother's Day Mother Dear!

This is one amazing lady. Talented beyond belief. She gives up everything, all for us, and rarely gives us grief.  She raised us well, she did her best, and we definitely put her through the test. She can cook with the best, as for cleaning, she's PRO. She can paint and draw and bead, (but she can't really sew:) ). This is one amazing lady, she is always there, no matter the event, she doesn't care. Choir, Orchestra, Basketball, or Dance, or Piano, or Song, she's ALWAYS there to support us, we are LUCKY to call her MOM.

Love you.

04 May 2009

Just Dance

So on Saturday Remi was in a ballet. It was called the Ugly Duckling, and actually it was a pretty dang good show. Plus, it was over in an hour, which was really nice, considering dance recitals can get pretty long sometimes. I had two cousin's that danced as well, Savannah and Presley. All three of them danced beautifully.

Remi was a Skater in the Winter season
Savannah's was a Butterfly in Spring I believe

This is little Presley - She was an Egg, in Spring as well I think.

After the recital, I came home and went to Megan's house where there was some intense ping-pong going on. We played welt for a little bit - I lost first, but
 I only ended up with two welts (luckily). Then, with the help of Brian's gaming genious mind, we started playing welt with books. Just to shake things up. It was very creative, and pretty dang fun!

When it was time to leave Meg's house we went over to Brain's. Among other things, we had a little Music Jam Sesh. This - didn't sound good - at all - but was pretty funny and really fun. 

Here are some pictures from the event. 
Casey on Piano. 

 Spencer on the Ukulele.

and ... Me, Megan and Brian on the Wind's and Brass.

This was a good night. 

01 May 2009

Summer Nights

Oh what do WE do in the summer time? Well, we Hot Tub! I know I've already blogged about a hot tub adventure previously, but this one was pretty good, and the picture was too cute not to post! So the other day Clark and I were driving home from one of our many adventures with Shelby Mae (sorry!) and we decided that we probably should go hot tubing on Thursday (tonight) before the X-Men premier (which Lauren Shelby and I are not attending). So we rallied the troops (aka Clark Brian Spencer Casey Megan Lauren Shelby and Myself) and we had our selves one heck of a hot tub party, with great conversation, AND some sensational cookies (if I do say so myself). Lots of water bottles - which I still need to clean off of the lawn, and the classic Brian, wear two pairs of shorts to scare the girls fiasco. It was quite the night!