04 May 2009

Just Dance

So on Saturday Remi was in a ballet. It was called the Ugly Duckling, and actually it was a pretty dang good show. Plus, it was over in an hour, which was really nice, considering dance recitals can get pretty long sometimes. I had two cousin's that danced as well, Savannah and Presley. All three of them danced beautifully.

Remi was a Skater in the Winter season
Savannah's was a Butterfly in Spring I believe

This is little Presley - She was an Egg, in Spring as well I think.

After the recital, I came home and went to Megan's house where there was some intense ping-pong going on. We played welt for a little bit - I lost first, but
 I only ended up with two welts (luckily). Then, with the help of Brian's gaming genious mind, we started playing welt with books. Just to shake things up. It was very creative, and pretty dang fun!

When it was time to leave Meg's house we went over to Brain's. Among other things, we had a little Music Jam Sesh. This - didn't sound good - at all - but was pretty funny and really fun. 

Here are some pictures from the event. 
Casey on Piano. 

 Spencer on the Ukulele.

and ... Me, Megan and Brian on the Wind's and Brass.

This was a good night. 

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Katie said...

Ali-thanks for writing about me on your blog, that is so cool! love, Presley