10 May 2009

10 Things

Ten things that make me terribly happy.

10. A choral piece that can make me cry.

9. Real/True friends.

8. Solving a difficult math problem.

7. Being myself.

6. Jumping on the tramp.

5. Carnation instant breakfast.

4. Being the cause of OTHER people smiling and laughing (I make myself laugh, hourly, doesn't count).

3. A hamburger from SnakeBite or Sushi from WhiteWaterGrill.

2. Looking at the stars and summer nights in, IDAHO.

1. Drawing and Painting.


Caiti said...

I'm with you on most of those...minus the instant breakfast, and MINUS the math. Math makes me cry, not smile.

Hooray for people who make themselves laugh! :)

marissa89 said...

And #11. would be your cousin Marissa :) You need to come up and see me girl! I'm still up here in school....sad right?