21 May 2009

The Scare

Last night, Meg and I went expadizing... (Meg on the wave board, me on foot). We were having a great time, when out of the blue, there was a creepy car lurking around the corner. It started driving slow by me, and the old lady in the window... Scary! The car drove by and we thought we were safe until, psych!... it made a U-turn and turned off its lights and started following us! Meg and I - creeped out times 500 got closer to each other, Megan had her hand on phone ready to make a quick call. The car speeds up a tiny bit, stops and the scary old lady darts out of the car towards me and grabs me!... To my very pleasant, and relieved surprise it was just creeper 1 - a.k.a. - Court! and out of the driver's seat pops creeper 2 - Jess! Neither of them were creepy old lady's. They did manage to make my heart skip at least three beats in a matter of seconds. That was some great work.

After Megs and I watched part of Valkyrie, then we gave up out of shear exhaustion. It ended up being a great night!


Amber said...

i saw your title "the scare" and the first thing i thought of was pregnancy scare haha. this is better. funny story. i like you two!

Shelby Mae said...

hahaha cracking me up.