01 May 2009

Summer Nights

Oh what do WE do in the summer time? Well, we Hot Tub! I know I've already blogged about a hot tub adventure previously, but this one was pretty good, and the picture was too cute not to post! So the other day Clark and I were driving home from one of our many adventures with Shelby Mae (sorry!) and we decided that we probably should go hot tubing on Thursday (tonight) before the X-Men premier (which Lauren Shelby and I are not attending). So we rallied the troops (aka Clark Brian Spencer Casey Megan Lauren Shelby and Myself) and we had our selves one heck of a hot tub party, with great conversation, AND some sensational cookies (if I do say so myself). Lots of water bottles - which I still need to clean off of the lawn, and the classic Brian, wear two pairs of shorts to scare the girls fiasco. It was quite the night!

1 comment:

Katherine Welch said...

Looks like so much fun! Wish I could have been there. Say hello to everyone for me.