25 April 2009

Home Again!

I am finally home for the summer after finishing my very first year of college! Everything is going well, Ollie Popeye is lovin' on his new crib, but . . .

This    ^   is a JOKE.

Thank heaven's for the Jazz game though - and Chase having six very nice friends over - so my car could be unpacked in a record four minutes!
Let the unpacking begin!!!


Caiti said...

Horray! Isn't home the most wonderful place on Earth??
P.S. Now that we're home for the summer, can we PLEASE play? :)

Amber said...

i know this feeling!!!

hilaryawb said...

Seriously? You were a good packer; the car seemed empty compared to what is on the floor there. Sweet to capitalize on the 15 year old boys!