09 July 2011

Seven Smoothie


I created a delicious smoothie this morning, so I thought I would share the recipe.

Try it, you won't regret it. It is just that good.

7 - Fresh Raspberries                                                                7 calories
1/2 - Banana cut in to 7 pieces                                                    53 calories
7 - 1' slices of Celery                                                                 1 calorie
7 oz - of Cran-Grape Juice                                                         122 calories
1 - baby carrot (you can cut it into 7 pieces if you want)                4 calories
1 - 4 oz cup of Applesauce                                                          50 calories
7 - small ice cubes                                                                      0 calories
                                                                           Total: 237 calories   

Simply blend all of the ingredients together.

This is how pretty it looks.

You're Welcome.

p.s. There is no pineapple in it, I just used it to help the picture look pretty.
p.s.s. Yes, that is a pig on the tile in the background. We have farm animals etched into multiple tiles in the kitchen.

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