02 March 2010


I have been thinking lately... I have a LOT of things that I am grateful for, and they simply reasons to be happy. Here are just are 4 of them.

- I LOVE LOVE LOVE being at school right now. My classes are AWESOME! I'm obsessed with linear algebra. It is great.

- I have the most AMAZING friends. End of story.

- I bought a Kite yesterday. I flew my kite yesterday. AND it is beginning to feel like SPRING!

- I'm drinking Cranberry juice right now. YUM.

and this is just to name a FEW.

I find when I look for reasons to be happy, I notice there are hundreds. I've started thinking of these every morning - and continue thinking them throughout the day. I really am very blessed and it is good to remember why and be grateful for it. I dare you to think of 5 things in your life that you are grateful for. I can almost promise you, these 5 reasons will make you happy for the rest of the day.


frizzles16 said...

I'm grateful for a neighbor that I can text late at night and she will appreciate the fact that might not be exactly appropriate. :D

Little Fish Girl said...

Linear algebra is SO powerful. I used it to prove mathematically to my supervisor that a redox problem he gave as an exam question for my class was impossible to solve. It was empowering to say "try row-reducing this matrix," rather than, "This is just impossible." Math is beautiful.