12 July 2009

Bike Rides and Thunder Storms

Lauren got back yesterday. I got to see her today, and I loved it. Without a shout of a doubt, I can say that Lauren is one of my very very very favorite people. If you are looking for an example of a great friend - consider checking her out. We decided to go on a bike ride. That was dang fun, I haven't been on a good bike ride in a while. On our way back to her house though, we rode extra fast because a storm was a bruin'! It was a tiny bit scary, but way cool. When we got back we hopped in my car and drove to an open area where we could watch it to its full potential. There was constant thunder and lighting and the sky was lit up. It was extra neat when it was behind the storm clouds, because the sky just lit up when the clouds dissipated the light. I loved it. We had a good chat to. Good to catch up. It made for a great end to a great Sunday. And the storm - just one more reason to love Idaho.


Shelby Mae said...

HEY! I just watched the storm too with my family in the gazebo.. metal roof... we're probably not the brightest family but it was awesome!!

*meliss said...

aww al i miss hanging out:(
but once i have a break in my crazy work schedule i'll hit you up my lady! p.s...follow my new blog, because you'll notice i deleted *miss freaking meliss and now i write devils handbook of Q's and A's. add it. im still crap at blogger, but im getting there. love you!@!!1