29 January 2009

Clogging, Toothbrushes, and Life

Just last week a tragic even occured. 
Alright thats a lie. It was really just embarrasing and painful. While I was practicing my clogging in the basement of good old Fugal Hall, I slipped, fell, and pulled the tendons in my wrist. What a joke right? Classic. But I guess there isn't much you can do about that.

Next I needed to quickly comment on something I found So exciting. As of my last trip to the dentist, and courtesy of my worthless esophagus I have to now use a second toothpaste. Which is annoying. The good news though, is that when I went back to Provo, I put my new toothpaste in the medicine counter and realized that my spare toothbrush matched the new bottle of toothpaste, and my regular toothbrush already matched my current toothpaste! How awesome! My conclusion? ....there is a little bit of good in EVERYTHING.

Lastly, I have decided to make a change in my thinking lately, and boy has it worked. I decided to stop being so homesick, and only focusing on the places I'd rather be than school, to just love the chance to be here. AND the chance to learn. And boy has it worked, I'm so much more content than I have been in quite sometime. Who knew? There really is power in positive thinking!


Remi said...

wow Ali. Nice!!!! ha ha ha

love, Remi

hilaryawb said...

I LOVE this post. Clogging, casts, and of course matching toothbrushes and tooth paste. Can life get any better? We should do 24 sometime soon. Love ya!