25 August 2009

My Homegirl, Melissa

I thought I would write my top 10 reasons why MELISSA is my homegirl, and mostly why I love that we are best friends.

1. There has NEVER been a time when we were together that we didn't Laugh.
2. we became friends through two of the greatest things there are sports and MUSIC.

3. There is never any pretending, I like her and she likes me, because we are whowe are.

4. She always helps me be a better person.

5. I never have to wonder if she will follow through, she always does.

6. All of our sayings and inside jokes are funnnny.

7. our 200 mile separation, didn't hurt our friendship.

8. She works hard to achieve her dreams.

9. We can do nothing, and still have a good time.
10. She treats me like we are best friends, always. 


*meliss said...

i may have cried when i read this.
maybe just a little.
i love you ali.

Ali Walker said...

... and now she is engaged :)