12 August 2009

Shooting Starsting

Tonight was seriously so fun. After a long day of working I went to dinner with Aloo and Melissa, which is tradition to do before going off to school. We definitely had a good laugh or two, and took some not so cute pictures, here is one of the lovers...

Later, after the Chukars game of course, Shelby, Seth and I went star gazing to watch the meteor shower. I loved that! We saw quite a few shooting stars and had some good laughs and conversing. It was a tiny bit creepy, with the wind blowing and when other random cars would show up and leave, but all in all a good time. The best part was that our heads were sticking out of the back under the back door thing, we had about a foot of space to pop through, because there was a small piece laying down. Hard to explain really, priceless to see. It was a perfect view though, even though we re-situated the car like five times to find it, it turned out being so much fun!

We attempted to take a couple of pictures, as you can see, it was unsuccessful. Yet so funny at the same time!

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