07 August 2009

Balls, Dogs, Lakes, High Heels, and Swim Suits.

So in the past week or so, I have done some dang fun things!

I went to a Chukars game, which I do all the time, - but this one was extra fun because Heath and his family were there, and Aunt Jan and Uncle Brad and Annie came! AND Grandmpa Dot came with us and it was so much fun, and I think this picture of most of the group is quite cute!

Here is a pic with Grandma and Aunt Jan (They look and act so much a like its crazy!)

On Sunday, Hil and Jord were here and after dinner we played out side with the puppies. I gave up earlier than everyone else and then dad came in about a half hour later, carrying Mimi in his apron. It was SO cute! She is like a little stuffed animal, and then they both took a nap. While Mimi stayed in her carrying case.

Yesterday the Tingey's took me boating with them, SO FUN! I love being on the lake. (Thank you again, by the way!)... As this picture shows, I actually got up and stayed up wakeboarding, the picture doesn't show for how long though, that really is just unneeded information :)

This is a real nice pic of Meg and I looking right, after we both had been in the lake. Mmmm.

This is my Billabong shorts advertisement with Drew as a model.

And this is Drew being a Model while Wake boarding! 

These are two more studly crew members...

AND.. Here is Drew, being an acrobat!

Megan and Me on the way home - a little worn out!

Right as we were leaving, a sweet storm started! This is a pic I got of some Lightning, clearly my camera is not cut out for fast photography!

Tonight, I went to the Miss Idaho Pageant. I sat next to Whitney, so naturally.. we took a picture! Ali Christensen won in the end. Well deserved, she did fabulous!

Lastly, after the pageant, I came home and went Hot Tubbing with Lauren, Shelby and Megan. Meg was being ridiculous, and hiding in the pics, but she is there I guess! Nothing like a good hot tub session to end the night. Oh and shortly after this was taken, the clock struck Midnight and it was/(is now) Remi and Lauren's 12th and 19th Birthdays! Yay, Happy Birthday :)


hilaryawb said...

You look naked in the hot tub? What the heck!

Ali Walker said...

Are you kidding me! of all of the pictures of, you choose to comment on that one! Two of my three squimmers don't have straps silly! look in the water, my body isn't purple !!!! Thanks for being concerned however, but I promise, I only hot tub with swimming suits ON.

shelby mae said...

ali. you are straightup nakie in this picture. hahahahahaha