24 August 2009

The Littles on a Golf Cart

The other day, I decided to take my best friends on a gold cart ride one night. Cooper, the little stud, so kindly shared his glow sticks with all of us since it was a night ride! We had quite the party on that ride! It was kind of our last thing (except for the frazil's we got today) till when I come back for Christmas break! What babes!

p.s. notice how Saylor and I are twins, not planned. That is just what happens when you are b.f. status.


kellikay said...

oh my goodness those kids are so cute! you're kinda cute too, i guess. my momma saw the picture of you and me with frazils on facey and she wants to get one when we're in provo. you definitely should come with (mostly cuz i don't know where they are).

kellikay said...

random side note. did you know frazil is a real word? it's some weird thing where water in like the ocean or a lake turns into a slushy. how cool is that?