20 August 2009


Two big events that happened to me this week.
1. I got my MOTORCYCLE license. Finally.
2. I cut my hair. Short. (ish)


kellikay said...

SWEET! that is so awesome! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

kellikay said...

aliiiii!!!! i can't even STAND IT i miss you SO MUCH!!!! i want to see your hair, i'm going to cut mine soon too.

Anonymous said...

Uh, hello?!? We need pictures, dawg! Snap to it!

kellikay said...

ALI!!! I can't even stand it, I miss you WAY TOO MUCH!!! how many days left? TOO MANY!

kellikay said...

dear ali.

a few things to tell you:

1. i miss your face.
2. if i don't see you soon i'll pee my pants.
3. the other humans in lincoln aren't nearly cool as you.
4. all of your goofy sayings have rubbed off on me.

love, kelli

kellikay said...

i can't wait, i can't wait, I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!

kellikay said...

just tuesday wednesday thursday FRIDAY I"LL SEE YOU!