12 October 2009


So I've been slackin' Here is quite a few pictures to catchup with what I have been doing for the past month. These are from events such as SUN VALLEY! Camping, Visiting home, Choir Concerts... The classics.


The Girls on one of our many shopping adventures.

We found these classy Moon Boots, so of course I had to try them on.

Yum, yes I did eat that, at the Sun Valley Ice Show.

Heath, Haley, Remi, Savannah and Hilary waiting for the Ice Show to start.

Hilary, Jordan, and Me waiting for the show to start.

My Pretty Mom and Grandmother waiting patiently as I took 100 pictures.

The Brothers (minus one) - looking quite dapper I might add.

The Mom's looking beautiful, and pretending to be o.k. with me taking more pictures!

A case of "Bored Shoppers Syndrome".

Remi, Hilary, Chase and Me with cute Grandma Dot.

Mother and Father

The Amazing dinner at the Pioneer Salon.

All of us that dined at the Pioneer (minus Karter and Chloee who are sleeping on the benches.)

Cute little Chloee and her Pretty Mother Haley.

Savaneeta and Remote Conrol.


We roasted some hot dogs, (and had chips).

Kelly Baby and Me - laughing at something.

Sitting around the campfire - SO PRETTY!

The Girl that I love Oh So Much (when she cooperates and Smiles in pictures!)

The pretty Girl that I'm LUCKY to live with this year!

The one who can ALWAYS put a smile on anyone's face!

Little Tiny, former roomie, forever friend.

The fire that the five of us GIRLS built BY OURSELVES!

The gorgeous view from the top.

Silver Lake - where we set up camp. (Notice the mountain reflecting in the water).

Hard to see - but the MOOSE we encountered on our way back down.

One last pretty view.


Cheese stick's football game (he is the stud wearing number 10) - Oh and they won.

Saylor Me and Marissa eating our classic lunch - Chinese!

And a highlight of the trip - Melissa's Choir Concert! SO GOOD!

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