03 April 2010

Roaring 20's!

So ... I haven't updated in a while ... but this is the past couple weeks in review - picture style. 

I got to go home a little while ago and celebrate mine and my Father's Birthday with the family!

Saturday Morning Saylor, Savannah, and I flew kites, then they took me out for Birthday Sundaes! 

We also went to Dinner with the whole extended family!

THEN .. A few days later was my actually Birthday - I got to go to dinner with the Roommates and my High School friends and Hilary! 

... and I also received these BEAUTIFUL flowers, easily the prettiest, and largest arrangement of flowers I've ever gotten in my life.

(Thank you SO much Shawn, Sean, Taylor and Jon)

The week just kept on getting better too! Melissa came down with her husband, and I got to see her!

We went shopping and had a Birthday dinner - it was SO fun!

The next day, we went to the Festival of Colors!

(Melissa and Me before the colors)

(Arriving at the Festival!)

(Right before the color throwing!)

(Bethany came down too, from Logan!)

(Jill, Meg, Me, and Mel ... seconds before the creepy cloud of darkness)

(Basically how we all felt about the situation!)

Well, there you have it! It has been a good past couple of weeks!

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