03 June 2010

Sugar Cookies!

Last Saturday I felt like I wanted to be ambitious. How ambitious? I made sugar cookies from scratch, by myself. THAT ambitious.

(o.k. so Kacyann helped a lot)

Anyway - it was the day of the big game and so I thought I would whip some nice sun's jersey's out for Shawn, and I don't think I did too bad!

Maybe if I ever decide this math thing isn't for me (HA... like that will ever happen ;) ) ... I could open a bakery! Only problem? I probably should learn to bake before I do that!

Here they are in all of their glory though!

Proof that I did them (ok, so this doesn't prove anything, just trust me!)


Haley said...

You are too cute! Those cookies are adorable! I can never do sugar cookies - I have issues when rolling out the dough. lol

Little Fish Girl said...


frizzles16 said...

Oh my gosh those are sweet!! That's such a cute idea!

Katherine said...

They look too good to eat!! Can I have one?

Jaymie said...

ALI! Im super impressed with your skills!! :)