18 August 2010

Hi… My name is Ali...

…and I'm a TV-aholic.

It's true.
So basically I used to watch too much TV since I get done working at around oh… 12. 

I've since cut back to 3 shows. Huge, Pretty Little Liars, and Prison Break. 

Yesterday I finished Prison Break. Loved it.

Today was Huge, and I made this post because I loved this quote from it.

"Getting what we always wanted, can sometimes be very scary. It's often, just as things are going really well, that we will sabotage ourselves. So just be aware. There may be a self destructive part of us that doesn't want us to get better, that's more comfortable with pain. So remember, the more willing we are to look at this destructive part of ourselves, the less power it will have over us."

Even though this was in reference to losing weight… I think it can apply to a lot of things. Maybe I can learn something from my addiction? (Ok, probably not.) 

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