11 August 2011


I'm excited to post about the TWINS! They came and made a surprise visit these past couple weeks. BEST SURPRISE EVER! We had so much fun with Hilary and Jordan and their little tinies - Bella (aka Belly) and Sofia (aka Sofie Mofie).

Here are just a few pictures to show you how much fun we had!

Here are the girls on their way to see us! (Hil and Jord sent this to us when they were in the airport… Can you imagine how excited we got to squeeze those little ones?!)

 Hanging out with A Ali wearing their feather head bands

 Grandpa Keith surprised them with this double seat Radio Flyer. They really loved riding in the wagon!

 When the grown-ups were boring… they found way's to entertain themselves.

 Like true siblings… They fought a little over the coolest toy - the drum sticks. So funny.

 They liked to lounge and drink their 'baba's' 

A large percentage of the time we would find both of them cuddling up to Grandma Allyson (Nana).

 They played around the sofa, practicing their walking skills!

 Such a cute little Mug!

 They got to spend Remi's Birthday with all of their Grandparents on their mom's side. Grandma Helen, Grandpa Roy, and Grandma Dot

The twins also love to swim! So we got to go spend an afternoon at the pool with them!

Bella with her classic tongue out and holding her toes. Just having fun swimming with A Ali :)

Sofia was a little more adventurous and appreciated a good splash. What a cutie with her curly locks!

We had a blast spending time with the girls! Thanks for coming to see us Hil and Jord!


hilaryawb said...

SO cute! Thanks for posting these pictures! I am glad you took some cause we didn't! Will you send me as many as you can? I want to do a post on our Idaho trip! Thanks!! Miss you already!

haley johnson said...

These are ADORABLE!!

Dawna Nelson said...

So cute! You are going to have so much fun with them! Also I'm kinda jealous that you are going to Idaho- I feel like I haven't been there in forever!