16 December 2011

Next Year!

First of all, to my two or three faithful readers… sorry about the hiatus! This has been the busiest four months ever. But they are over! I am hoping I remember this little blog a little bit more now that I have some time (at least for the next couple weeks!)

Things I am looking forward to over the next few months:
1. Spending time with my family - especially the tiny's (Bella and Sofia)!
2. Taking BATHS. One of my favorite things. 
3. Reading books. I love reading books that don't have practice problems after each chapter!
4. Student Teaching! I am done with classes and I start student teaching in January at Diamond Fork Jr. High in Spanish Fork! I get to teach 9th grade math and I couldn't be more excited!
5. Playing sports! I am going to play on a basketball and soccer intramural team this next year - and I am pumped. 
6. Watching One Tree Hill - my new t.v. addiction. 
7. Having all my old favorite series start up again in January. (Confessions of a t.v. junkie). 
8. Playing the piano. I will actually have time for this!
9. Sleeping in a comfy bed. 
10. The NBA starting back up. Awesome. 

…. and those are just to name a few! I know those mostly sound like lazy/loungey things but I think I just need the break from thinking! 

Hopefully next time you check in I'll have had time to post about a new adventure!

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frizzles16 said...

Yay!!! Ali is back!! I am thrilled about everything on this list for you. However, you missed one major thing. We can finally see each other again!!!