13 February 2010

Cranberry Juice and Scorpians

Tonight Chase and I decided to run to get some Taco Bell and then stop at a gas station for drinks. This is a list of things I learned from the experience.

1. Cranberry Juice is SO SO SO good. Easily my favorite drink. Yum.

2. Don't diss on scorpion suckers. I did. Bad idea. The guy at the cash register was not happy about that. Interrogated me on my experience with them. Didn't approve. And then I was quickly lectured on how good they are. Let's be honest - karo syrup covered scorpions on a stick? SICK.

3. Lastly - I found out that it is REALLY easy to laugh, when I am in a good mood. There was a guy walking his dog .. sort of. I got a good minute long laugh out of the part where the guy was actually tugging because the dog felt like that was a good place to sit.

It was really quite an eventful trip.

OH and did I mention the part where I AM SO HAPPY/LUCKY to be with the fam? Because I am.

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