04 February 2010

Out of the Oridnary

Lately, I've been thinking deeper than usual. Why? There are various reasons, but I feel like I am learning a lot more by spending my free time (walking to class and before I sleep basically) thinking.

These monologue by Kay Panabaker in the 2009 production of FAME is what has been on my mind today.

I think it is one of my favorite quotes I heard in the year 2009.
(cheesy, yet I love it)

“There are a few things that Success is not…

Success is not fame, money or power

Success is waking up in the morning so excited about what you have to do that you literally FLY out of the door

Success is getting to work with the people you love

Success is finding a way of connecting and binding them together

Success is connecting with the world

Success is falling asleep knowing you did the best you could

Success is joy, friendship and freedom

Success is LOVE”

1 comment:

Little Fish Girl said...

I liked that quote. By that standard, I believe we are very successful people. :)